lat(1) LDAP Administration Tool


lat [options]


lat, stands for LDAP Administration Tool. The tool allows you to browse LDAP-based directories and add/edit/delete entries contained within. It can store profiles for quick access to different servers. There are also different views available such as Users, Groups and Hosts which allow you to easily manage objects without having to deal with the intricacies of LDAP.


lat has few options, they are listed below.
-d, --debug
Run the program with debugging code turned on.
-h, --help
Print the program usage and exit.
-v, --version
Print the program version and exit.


Contains the users saved connection profiles. There is no password
information held in the files; Passwords are stored in the users GNOME keyring database.
Contains the user configuration for LAT plugins
Contains information on user connection profiles
Contains information on the users custom templates.


Loren Bandiera <[email protected]>


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