LaTeXML::Util::Pack(3) smart packing and unpacking of TeX archives


This module provides an API and convenience methods for:
    1. Unpacking Zip archives which contain a TeX manuscript.
    2. Packing the files of a LaTeXML manuscript into a single archive
    3. Extracting embeddable fragments, as well as single formulas from LaTeXML documents

All user-level methods are unconditionally exported by default.


"$main_tex_source = unpack_source($archive,$extraction_directory);"
Unpacks a given $archive into the $extraction_directory. Next, perform a
    heuristic analysis to determine, and return, the main file of the TeX manuscript.
    If the main file cannot be determined, the $extraction_directory is removed and undef is returned.

In this regard, we implement a simplified form of the logic in
    TeX::AutoTeX and particularly arXiv::FileGuess

"@packed_documents = pack_collection(collection=>\@documents, whatsout=>'math|fragment|archive', siteDirectory=>$path);"
Packs a collection of documents using the packing method specified via the 'whatsout' option.
    If 'fragment' or 'math' are chosen, each input document is transformed into
    an embeddable fragment or a single formula, respectively.
    If 'archive' is chose, all input documents are written into an archive in the specified 'siteDirectory'. 
    The name of the archive is provided by the 'destination' property of the first provided $document object.
    Each document is expected to be a LaTeXML::Post::Document object.


Bruce Miller <bruc[email protected]>, Deyan Ginev <[email protected]>


Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.