ldns_rdf(3) ldns_rdf_type-


#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

#include <ldns/ldns.h>


Resource record data field.

The data is a network ordered array of bytes, which size is specified by
the (16-bit) size field. To correctly parse it, use the type
specified in the (16-bit) type field with a value from \ref ldns_rdf_type.
struct ldns_struct_rdf
       The size of the data (in octets):

       size_t _size;

       The type of the data:

       ldns_rdf_type _type;

       Pointer to the data (raw octets):

       void *_data;

typedef struct ldns_struct_rdf ldns_rdf;

The different types of RDATA fields.
enum ldns_enum_rdf_type


       domain name:


       8 bits:


       16 bits:


       32 bits:


       A record:


       AAAA record:


       txt string:


       apl data:


       b32 string:


       b64 string:


       hex string:


       nsec type codes:


       a RR type:


       a class:


       certificate algorithm:


       a key algorithm:


       unknown types:


       time (32 bits):




       tsig time 48 bits:


       /** Represents the Public Key Algorithm, HIT and Public Key fields

        for the HIP RR types. A HIP specific rdf type is used because of

        the unusual layout in wireformat (see RFC 5205 Section 5) */


       /** variable length any type rdata where the length

        is specified by the first 2 bytes */


       protocol and port bitmaps:


       location data:


       well known services:








       nsec3 hash salt:


       nsec3 base32 string (with length byte on wire:


       /** 4 shorts represented as 4 * 16 bit hex numbers

        * separated by colons. For NID and L64.



       6 * 8 bit hex numbers separated by dashes. For EUI48.:


       8 * 8 bit hex numbers separated by dashes. For EUI64.:


       /** A non-zero sequence of US-ASCII letters and numbers in lower case.

        * For CAA.



       /** A <character-string> encoding of the value field as specified

        * [RFC1035], Section 5.1., encoded as remaining rdata.

        * For CAA.



       /* Aliases */


typedef enum ldns_enum_rdf_type ldns_rdf_type;


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