LedgerSMB::AA(3) Contains the routines for managing AR and AP transactions.


This module contains the routines for managing AR and AP transactions and many of the reorts (a few others are found in LedgerSMB::RP.pm).

All routines require $form->{dbh} to be set so that database actions can be performed.

This module is due to be deprecated for active development as soon as a replacement is available.

post_transaction() Post transaction uses the following variables in the $form variable: * dbh - the database connection handle * currency - The current users' currency * defaultcurrency - The "normal" currency * department - Unknown * department_id - ID for the department * exchangerate - Conversion between currency and defaultcurrency * invnumber - invoice number * reverse - ? * rowcount - Number of rows in the invoice * taxaccounts - Apply taxes? * taxincluded - ? * transdate - Date of the transaction * vc - Vendor or customer - determines transaction type
Returns a list of files associated with the existing transaction. This is provisional, and will change for 1.4 as the GL transaction functionality is
                  {ref_key => $self->{id}, file_class => 1} rewritten
delete_transaction(\%myconfig, $form)
Deletes a transaction identified by $form->{id}, whether it is an ar or ap transaction is identified by $form->{vc}. $form->{invnumber} used for the audittrail routine.
transactions(\%myconfig, $form)
Generates the transaction and outstanding reports. Form variables used in this function are:

approved: whether or not transactions must be approved to show up

transdatefrom: Earliest day of transactions

transdateto: Latest day of transactions

month, year, interval: Used in palce of transdatefrom and transdate to

vc: 'customer' for ar, 'vendor' for ap.

meta_number: customer/vendor number

entity_id: A specific entity id

parts_id: Show transactions including a specific part

department_id: Transactions for a department

entity_credit_account: As an alternate for meta_number to identify a customer of vendor credit account

invoice_type: 3 for on-hold, 2 for active

The transaction list is stored at: @{$form->{transactions}}

get_name(\%myconfig, $form)
Retrieves the last account used. Also retrieves tax accounts, departments, and a few other things.

Form variables used: vc: customer or vendor ${vc}_id: id of vendor/customemr transdate: Transaction date desired

Sets the following form variables currency exchangerate forex taxaccounts

taxform_exist($form, $cv_id)
Determines if a taxform attached to the entity_credit_account record (where the id field is the same as $cv_id) exists. Returns true if it exists, false if not.
Updates the ac_tax_form checkbox for the acc_trans.entry_id (where it is the same as $entry_id). If $report is true, sets it to true, if false, sets it to false. $report must be a valid *postgresql* bool value (0/1, t/f, 'true'/'false').
Returns true if the acc_trans record has been set to reportable in the past false otherwise.
Saves the $form->{intnotes} into the ar/ap.intnotes field.


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