libglade-convert(1) Utility to convert old .glade files into new ones.


libglade-convert [ --no-upgrade ] [ --verbose ]


libglade-convert is a small Python script used to convert old .glade to the new format. The converted file is written to standard output.

Usage example:
libglade-convert >


There are only a couple of options that can be specified to libglade-convert:

Show the usage line.
Send information about the widgets being converted to the standard error.
Do not upgrade deprecated components. However, this does upgrade the components that are no longer present in the current version.


libglade2 version 2.4.1


James Henstridge <[email protected]>

This man-page was written by Margarita Manterola <[email protected]> for the libglade-convert script that comes with libglade2 version 2.4.1