libinput-list-devices(1) list local devices as recognized by libinput


libinput-list-devices [--help]


The libinput-list-devices tool creates a libinput context on the default seat "seat0" and lists all devices regonized by libinput. Each device shows available configurations the respective default configuration setting.

For configuration options that allow multiple different settings (e.g. scrolling), all available settings are listed. The default setting is prefixed by an asterisk (*).

This tool usually needs to be run as root to have access to the /dev/input/eventX nodes.


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Some specific feature may still be available on a device even when no configuration is exposed, a lack of a configuration option does not necessarily mean that this feature does not work.

A device may be recognized by libinput but not handled by the X.Org libinput driver or the Wayland compositor.

An xorg.conf(5) configuration entry or Wayland compositor setting may have changed configurations on a device. The libinput-list-devices tool only shows the device's default configuration, not the current configuration.