libpfm_intel_ivbep_unc_pcu(3) support for Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Power Controller Unit (PCU) uncore PMU


#include <perfmon/pfmlib.h>

PMU name: ivbep_unc_pcu
PMU desc: Intel Ivy Bridge-EP PCU uncore PMU


The library supports the Intel Ivy Bridge Power Controller Unit uncore PMU. This PMU model only exists on Ivy Bridge model 62.


The following modifiers are supported on Intel Ivy Bridge PCU uncore PMU:
Enable edge detection, i.e., count only when there is a state transition from no occurrence of the event to at least one occurrence. This modifier must be combined with a threshold modifier (t) with a value greater or equal to one. This is a boolean modifier.
Set the threshold value. When set to a non-zero value, the counter counts the number of HA cycles in which the number of occurrences of the event is greater or equal to the threshold. This is an integer modifier with values in the range [0:15].
Enable frequency band filtering. This modifier applies only to the UNC_P_FREQ_BANDx_CYCLES events, where x is [0-3]. The modifiers expects an integer in the range [0-255]. The value is interpreted as a frequency value to be multiplied by 100Mhz. Thus if the value is 32, then all cycles where the processor is running at 3.2GHz and more are counted.

Frequency band filtering

There are 3 events which support frequency band filtering, namely, UNC_P_FREQ_BAND0_CYCLES, UNC_P_FREQ_BAND1_CYCLES, UNC_P_FREQ_BAND2_CYCLES, UNC_P_FREQ_BAND3_CYCLES. The frequency filter (available via the ff modifier) is stored into a PMU shared register which hold all 4 possible frequency bands, one per event. However, the library generate the encoding for each event individually because it processes events one at a time. The caller or the underlying kernel interface may have to merge the band filter settings to program the filter register properly.


Stephane Eranian <[email protected]>