libpwiz(3) library to perform proteomics data analyses (runtime)


This manual page documents briefly the libpwiz package that brings a library library to perform proteomics data analyses. ProteoWizard provides a modular and extensible set of open-source, cross-platform tools and libraries. The tools perform proteomics data analyses; the libraries enable rapid tool creation by providing a robust, pluggable development framework that simplifies and unifies data file access, and performs standard chemistry and LCMS dataset computations.

EXAMPLES OF BINARIES-Ipwiz/data/msdata/ramp

All these programs (in `/usr/lib/libpwizX/example-files' could be built using the command line shown after the binary name:

- mscat (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz mscat.cpp -o mscat)

- hello_analyzer_2 (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz hello_analyzer_2.cpp -o hello_analyzer_2)

- hello_analyzer (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz hello_analyzer.cpp -o hello_analyzer)

- hello_msdata (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz hello_msdata.cpp -o hello_msdata)

- txt2mzml (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz -l boost_filesystem -l boost_system txt2mzml.cpp -o txt2mzml)

- hello_ramp (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -I /usr/include/libpwiz/pwiz/data/msdata/ramp -l pwiz hello_ramp.cpp -o hello_ramp)

- write_example_files (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz write_example_files.cpp -o write_example_files)

- write_mzid_example_files (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz write_mzid_example_files.cpp -o write_mzid_example_files)

- write_proteome_example_files (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz write_proteome_example_files.cpp -o write_proteome_example_files)

- write_traml_example_files (g++ -I /usr/include/libpwiz -l pwiz write_traml_example_files.cpp -o write_traml_example_files)

The -I /usr/include/libpwiz specifies the location of the include files for the whole proteowizard project. The -l pwiz specifies the libpwiz library to be linked-in so as to build the binaries.


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This manual page was written by Filippo Rusconi <[email protected]>. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3, published by the Free Software Foundation.

 On a Debian system the complete text of the GNU General Public License version 3 can be found in the file `/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3'.