libvalhalla-test(1) a test media indexing utility which uses libvalhalla


libvalhalla-test [options ...] paths ...


This manual page documents briefly the libvalhalla-test command.

libvalhalla-test is a command-line media indexing tool which uses libvalhalla. It is mainly used to test and exercise libvalhalla capabilities.


-h --help
this help
-v --verbose
increase verbosity
-l --loop
number of loops
-t --timewait
time to wait between loops [sec]
-e --delay
delay before the scanning begins [sec]
-m --timelimit
time limit [ms] for the scanning
-a --priority
priority for the threads
-d --database
path for the database
-f --download
path for the downloader destination
-c --commit-int
commits interval
-p --parser
number of parsers
-n --decrap
enable decrapifier (for title metadata)
-k --keyword
keyword for the decrapifier
-s --suffix
file suffix (extension)
-g --grabber
grabber to be used


libvalhalla-test -l 2 -t 5 -d ./mydb.db -p 1 -a 15 -s ogg -s mp3 /home/foobar/music

Default values are:

loop=1, timewait=0, database=./valhalla.db, commit-int=128, parser=2, priority=19,
suffix=flac,m4a,mp3,ogg, wav,wma,avi,mkv,mov,mpg,wmv, bmp,gif,jpeg,jpg,png,tga,tif,tiff


libvalhalla was written by Mathieu Schroeter <[email protected]>, Benjamin Zores <[email protected]>, Fabien Brisset <[email protected]> and Davide Cavalca <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Davide Cavalca <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).