libxwiimote(7) XWiimote user-space library


#include <xwiimote.h>


The xwiimote library is a helper-library to manage connected Wii Remotes from user-space. If you write an application that wants to support Wii Remotes as input devics but you cannot rely on X or the kernel to provide a suitable input device for you (eg., because you need finer grained access), then you an use this library to access Wii Remotes.

This library provides an simple, but still comprehensive, API to access connected Wii Remotes. The API documentation is still in process. Please read the tools in xwiimote/tools/ or the header in xwiimote/lib/xwiimote.h for information on the API.


The library does not support all Wii Remote peripherals, yet. Please consider contributing to the project if you need further functionality.


David Herrmann <[email protected]>
The XWiimote Project: