likwid-topology(1) print thread and cache topology


likwid-topology [-hvgcC] [-V level] [-o output_file]


likwid-topology is a command line application to print the thread and cache topology on multicore x86 processors. Used with mono spaced fonts it can draw the processor topology of a machine in ascii art. Beyond topology likwid-topology determines the clock of a processor and prints detailed information about the caches hierarchy.


-h, --help
prints a help message to standard output, then exits.
-v, --version
prints version information to standard output, then exits.
-V, --verbose <level>
sets the verbosity level of LIKWID's topology backend. Possible levels range from 0 to 3.
prints topology information in ASCII art. Best viewed with monospaced font.
-c, --caches
prints detailed information about cache hierarchy
-C, --clock
measures and output the processor clock. This involves a longer run time of likwid-topology.
-o, --output <file>
write the output to file instead of stdout. Likwid applies filter scripts according to filename suffix. Currently available scripts are csv. You can place additional filter scripts in /usr/share/likwid/filter.


Written by Thomas Roehl <[email protected]>.