limba-build(1) command-line tool for automated builds


limba-build {COMMAND} [OPTIONS ...]


This manual page documents briefly the limba-build command.

limba-build is a tool to automate building Limba packages from source in an isolated chroot environment.

The tool is also able to create simple Limba package repositories and perform other tasks related to building Limba packages.



Run the build process. limba-build will look for a lipkg/build.yml, build.yml or .travis.yml file containing build instructions in that order.

To build in a chroot environment, the --chroot= parameter needs to point to a directory containing an operating system as created by e.g. debootstrap (8) on Debian-based systems. If no chroot should be used, --chroot=none must be set instead.

run-shell DIRECTORY

Does exactly as the run command, but instead of running the commands necessary to build the software, it opens a interactive shell in the build environment.

This feature is very useful for debugging the build environment itself. The pre-build and post-build commands are run before and after opening the interactive shell, just as in a regular build.

repo-init DIRECTORY

Initialize empty Limba package repository in a local directory.


Add a Limba package to a local repository.


Display version number of limba-build


Turn on verbose mode (this can be used for debugging).


This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp <[email protected]>.


Copyright © 2014-2015 Matthias Klumpp