Lintian::Tag::Override(3) Representation of an Lintian Override


use Lintian::Tag::Override;

my $data = {
'comments' => ['some', 'multi-line', 'comments']
my $override = Lintian::Tag::Override->new('unused-override', $data);
my $comments = $override->comments;
if ($override->overrides("some extra") ) {
# do something


Represents a Lintian Override.


Lintian::Tag::Override->new($tag, $data)
Creates a new override for $tag. $data should be a hashref with the following fields.
Architectures this override applies too (not really used).
A list of comments (each item is a separate line)
The extra part of the override. If it contains a ``*'' is will considered a pattern.
Returns the name of the tag.
Returns the architecture this tag applies to.
Returns a list of lines that makes up the comments for this override.

Do not modify the contents of this list.

Returns the extra of this tag (or the empty string, if there is no extra).
Returns a truth value if the extra is a pattern.
Returns a truth value if this override applies to this extra.


Originally written by Niels Thykier <[email protected]> for Lintian.