Lire::DlfAnalyser(3) Base interface for all DLF analysers.


use base qw/ Lire::DlfAnalyser /;


This package defines the interface that must be implemented by all DLF Analysers. All the methods defined in this package will throw a 'method not implemented' exception if they are called.

Analyser which produce DLF records for an extended schema should probably use the simpler Lire::DlfCategoriser interface.


These methods provides information to the Lire framework about the DLF analysers.

The Lire::DlfAnalyser interface extends the Lire::Plugin interface, so they must implement all standard meta-information methods (name(), title(), description()).


Returns the Dlf schema which is analysed by this analyser.

E.g. "www"


Returns the Dlf schema which is producted by this analyser.

E.g. "www-user_session"


The analyser does its job using the analyse() method.

analyse( $process, $config )

The $process parameter contains the Lire::DlfAnalyserProcess object which is controlling the conversion process.

The $config parameter contains configuration data that was specified in the AnalysisJob for that converter. To register configuration specification for you DlfAnalyser, you just need to define a configuration specification under the name analyser_name_properties. This should be either a RecordSpec or ObjectSpec.


Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>


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