Lire::DlfResult(3) interface with the database handler for returned data


use Lire::DlfResult;


new( $query, $sql )

This is the constructor method for the Lire::DlfResult class. It takes a Lire::DlfQuery object and an SQL statement string as parameters.

This method should never be called directly. Lire::DlfQuery will return appropriate instances of Lire::DlfResult through its execute() and execute_summary() methods.


Returns the DlfQuery object from which this DlfResult was obtained.


Returns the ``next row'' of an executed query, that is, the first record down the last one incrementally. Returns an undefined value if called after all the records where returned and dies on subsequent calls.

The record is returned as a HASH reference.


Same as next_row() except that the record is returned as an ARRAY reference.


  Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>
  Wolfgang Sourdeau <[email protected]>


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