Lire::Field(3) Interface to Dlf field's specification.


my $field = $schema->field( 'time' );
print "Name: ", $field->name(), "\n", "Type: ", $field->type(), "\n";


This module represents Dlf field's specifications. You'll get reference to this kind of object when you call the field(), timestamp_field() or fields() methods on a Lire::DlfSchema(3pm) object. You can obtain information about this field by querying its methods.



Returns the name of the field.


Returns the default label that should be used for column containing values from this field.


Returns the field's position in the record. Field's positions are indexed from 0.


Returns the field's type. This will be a string describing the type's name as used in the XML specifications.


Returns the SQL type that should be used to hold this field's values.


This method is obsolete since field don't have default anymore.


This method will return the field's description. (This is the content of the description element in the XML specification.) Be aware that this will most likely contains DocBook markup.


  Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>
  Wolfgang Sourdeau <[email protected]>


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