Lire::ImportJob(3) Object used to represent an periodical source of log data


use Lire::ImportJob;
my $src = new Lire::ImportJob( "name",
'pattern' => "/var/log/messsages",
'period' => "unique",
'processor' => $name,
my $file = $src->file,


The Lire::ImportJob object is used to represent a source of log data. ImportJobs can also be instantiated from configuration data (The 'import_job' configuration specification.)

new( $name, ... );

Create a new Lire::ImportJob object. As mandatory parameter, it takes the name of the log source.

Additional parameters:

The path to the file that contains the log data. This filename can contain strftime(3) patterns that will be substituted to obtain the name of the file. (Useful for automatic rotation).
The periodicity to which this ImportJob should be processed. Defaults to 'unique' which means this is a one-shot ImportJob. Other recognized values are 'hourly', 'daily', 'weekly', 'monthly' and 'yearly'.
The name of the converter that can be used to process the ImportJob. This must be known to the Lire::PluginManager.
Configuration parameter for the DlfConverter.
A shell command that will be used to filter the log file.
Encoding for the log file. If omitted, the default system encoding will be used.


Returns the name of this ImportJob.

period( [$new_period] )

With no argument, returns the period of this ImportJob. With a parameter, the ImportJob's period is set to this new value.

file( [$time] )

Returns the file to be used. The optional $time parameter (which defaults to now) is used to compute the file name. To find the file to use for yesterday's data, one could pass time - 86400.

pattern( [$new_file] )

Returns the file pattern to use as log data source. This pattern may contain strftime(3) substitutions. If an argument is used, it will change the file to use.

filter( [$new_filter] )

Returns the shell command that will be used as filter. Undef or '' will not use a filter.

encoding( [$new_encoding] )

Returns the encoding of the log file. Undef and '' means to use the system default encoding.

converter( [$new_name] )

Returns the name of the converter that should be used for this ImportJob.

converter_config( [$new_config] )

Returns a configuration object that should be used by the DlfConverter (through the set_configuration() method).

log_fh( [ $time ] )

Returns a file handle that can be used to read from the log. $time is the parameter taken by file to determine the final filename. All filters and encoding will be setup properly.

run( $store, [$time] )

Runs this ImportJob and import it into the $store DlfStore. The $time parameter will be used to determine the time window covered by period. It defaults to the current time.


  Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>


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