Lire::OutputFormat(3) Base interface for all OutputFormats.


use base qw/ Lire::OutputFormat /;


The Lire::OutputFormat objects are used to

This package defines the interface which is implemented by all the different OutputFormat that Lire is able to produce. It is this object which has the responsability to convert the XML report to its final format.


The Lire::OutputFormat interface extends the Lire::Plugin interface, so they must implement all standard meta-information methods (name(), title(), description()).


This method is queried at runtime to determine if any requirements are missing. It should return an array of messages explaining each missing requirements for the format.


format_report( $xml_file, $output_file, $format_cfg )

This method should format the XML report contained in $xml_file into the $output_file (or directory). Additional configuration options are passed in the $format_cfg Lire::Config::TypeSpec object specific to the plugin.

mime_report( $xml_file, $format_cfg )

WHen this method is invoked it, the plugin should format the report contained in $xml_file and MIME encapsulate it a MIME::Entity object which is return. Formatting options can be be in the $format_cfg Lire::Config::TypeSpec object.


  Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>


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