Lire::OutputJob(3) Object used to represent a configured formatting of a report


use Lire::OutputJob;
use Lire::OutputFormat;
my $email = new Lire::OutputJob( 'email', $output, $output_cfg,
'emails' => [ '[email protected]' ] );
$email->run( 'report.xml' );
my $file = new Lire::OutputJob( 'file', $output, $output_cfg,
'filename' => '/var/www/reports/daily-%Y%m%d' );
$file->run( 'report.xml' );


The Lire::OutputJob objects are used to represent how a report should formatted. These objects are most often created from the Lire configuration. (The 'output_jobs' specification.)

new( $destination_type, $format, $format_cfg, ... );

Create a new Lire::OutputJob object. Two parameters are required:
Can be either 'email' or 'file'.
A Lire::OutputFormat object.
The configuration data that will be passed to the OutputFormat object.

The method will returns an instance of Lire::EmailOutputJob or Lire::FileOutputJob.


Returns the Lire::OutputFormat associated with this OutputJob.


Returns the configuration data that will be used when formatting the report.

run( $report_file )

Formats and sends or save the XML report $report_file according the OutputJob parameters.


Extra parameters for 'email' type

An array reference to the emails that will receive the formatted report.
The subject of the email.
An additional text file that will be appended to text report or attach to other report types.


Returns as an array the emails to which the report will be sent.


Returns the subject of the email.


Returns the filename that will be appended to the text report or attach to the message for other report's type.


Extra parameters for 'file' type.

A file path with possible strftime(3pm) interpolation. This will be were the formatted report will be saved.


Returns this OutputJob destination file.

output_file( [$time] )

Returns the destination file with strftime(3) specifier interpolated.


  Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>


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