Lire::Report::ChartConfig(3) Chart configuration object.


use Lire::Report::ChartConfig;
my $chart = new Lire::Report::ChartConfig();
$chart->title( 'Downloads by Visits Scatterplot' )
$chart->type( Lire::PluginManager->get_plugin( 'chart_type', 'scatterplot' );


This is a Lire::Config::Dictionary subclass which is used to define a chart that will be generated from a Lire::Report::Subreport.



Creates a new Lire::Report::ChartConfig object.


These are methods that wraps around the Lire::Config::Dictionary get() and set() method.

basename( [ $new_basename ] )

Returns (and optionnally changes) the Chart's basename.

title( [ $new_title ] )

Returns (and optionnally changes) the Chart's title.

type( [ $new_type ] )

Returns (and optionally changes) the ChartType plugin used by this Config.


Returns the Lire::Config::Value object used to store the ChartType's specific properties.


Returns the Lire::Report::ColumnInfo object that is use to select the cases that will be part of the chart's data.

xlabel( [ $new_xlabel ] )

Returns (and optionnally change) the Chart's X axis label..

ylabel( [ $new_ylabel ] )

Returns (and optionnally change) the Chart's Y axis label..


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