Lire::Report::Group(3) Object that include subgroups and other entries.


foreach my $e ( $group->entries() ) {
# Process entries' data.


The Lire::Report::Group object contains entries grouped together in a subreport.


You create new Lire::Report::Group object by calling the create_group() method on one Lire::Report::Entry object.



Returns the entry in which this goup is contained. This will be undef for the Subreport since it's not contained in any entry.


Returns the Lire::Report::GroupInfo which contains the information describing the entries of this group.


Returns the Lire::Report::Subreport object in which this entry is


Returns the row index in the table body where this group's summary should be displayed. If undef, this group isn't displayed.

show( [$show] )

Returns the number of entries that should be displayed in the formatted report. There may be more entries than that in the group. When this parameter is zero or undefined, all available entries should be displayed.

If the $show is parameter is set, the group's show parameter will be set to this new value.

nrecords( [$n] )

Returns the number of DLF records that were included in this group.

missing_cases( [$n] )

Returns the number of DLF records that contained missing cases which prevent them from being unclude in the subreport.


Returns the summary values of this group. This is an array of hash reference like the ones returnes by the values() method described in Lire::Report::Entry(3pm).

get_summary_value( $name )

Returns the summary value of the operator $name. This is an hash reference like is returned by the values() method described in Lire::Report::Entry(3pm). Returns undef if the summary value wasn't computed for operator $name.

set_summary_value( $name, %value )

Sets the value of the operator $name computed over all the DLF records of the group. Consult the add_value() method in Lire::Report::Entry(3pm) for information on the parameters.


Returns the entries in the group.


Adds a data entry to this group. This will create a new Lire::Report::Entry object which can then be filled with data.

find_entry( $name, $dlf )


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