lnpdll(1) BrickOS RCX downloader communicating through the LNP Daemon


lnpdll [-r{rcxnbr}] [-p{programslot}] [-s{srcport}] [-v] {filename.lx}


lnpdll is an lnpd-aware limited version of BrickOS dll(1) which is used to download programs to the RCX running BrickOS. lnpdll is different from dll(1) in that it communicates to the IR Tower using the LNP Daemon instead of interacting directly to the tty serial port.


A summary of options understood by lnpdll
-r {rcxnbr}
download to the RCX {rcxnbr}
-p {slotnbr}
place the downloaded program in {slotnbr} ([1-8] for BrickOS)
-s {srcport}
the port from which you are sending the data
enable verbose messages
Show similar help text at command-line.


lnpdll was written by Martin Cornelius <[email protected]> This man page was written by Stephen Moraco <[email protected]>