Locale::Msgcat(3) Perl extension for blah blah blah


use Locale::Msgcat;

$cat = new Locale::Msgcat;
$rc = $cat->catopen(name, oflag);
$msg = $cat->catgets(set_number, message_number, string);
$rc = $cat->catclose();


The Locale::Msgcat module allows access to the message catalog functions which are available on some systems. A new Locale::Msgcat object must first be created for each catalog which has to be open at a given time.

The catopen operation opens the catalog whose name is given as argument. The oflag can be either 0 or NL_CAT_LOCALE (usually 1) which is the recommended value.

The catgets message retrieves message_number for the set_number message set, and if not found returns string.

The catclose function should be used when access to a catalog is not needed anymore.


  use Locale::Msgcat;
  $cat = new Locale::Msgcat;
  unless ($cat->catopen("whois.cat", 1)) {
      print STDERR "Can't open whois catalog.\n";
  printf "First message, first set : %s\n", $cat->catgets(1, 1, "not found");
  unless ($cat->catclose()) {
      print STDERR "Can't close whois catalog.\n";

The above example would print the first message from the first message set found in the whois catalog, or if not found it would print ``not found''.


Christophe Wolfhugel, [email protected]