Log::Agent::Driver::Syslog(3) syslog logging driver for Log::Agent


use Log::Agent;
require Log::Agent::Driver::Syslog;
my $driver = Log::Agent::Driver::Syslog->make(
-prefix => prefix,
-facility => "user",
-showpid => 1,
-socktype => "unix",
-logopt => "ndelay",
logconfig(-driver => $driver);


The syslog logging driver delegates logxxx() operations to syslog() via the Sys::Syslog(3) interface.

The creation routine make() takes the following switches:

"-facility" => facility
Tell syslog() which facility to use (e.g. ``user'', ``auth'', ``daemon''). Unlike the Sys::Syslog(3) interface, the facility is set once and for all: every logging message will use the same facility.

If you wish to log something to ``auth'' for instance, then do so via Sys::Syslog directly: there is no guarantee that the application will configure its Log::Agent to use syslog anyway!

"-logopt" => syslog options
Specifies logging options, under the form of a string containing zero or more of the words ndelay, cons or nowait.
"-prefix" => prefix
The prefix here is syslog's identification string.
"-showpid" => flag
Set to true to have the PID of the process logged. It is false by default.
"-socktype" => (unix | inet)
Specifies the logging socket type to use. The default behaviour is to use Sys:Syslog's default.


All the channels go to syslog(), of course.


Raphael Manfredi <[email protected]>