lookamb(1) examine ambient file values


lookamb [ -d ][ -r ][ -h ] [ ambfile ]


Lookamb examines an ambient file produced by rpict(1), rtrace(1), or rvu(1). The default mode prints the position, direction, level, weight, radius, value, position gradient and direction gradient for each stored ambient value preceded by a label appropriate for human interpretation. The -d option prints the same quantities in 18 columns without any expanatory text, and is more appropriate as input to another program.

The -r option performs the reverse conversion, taking the output of lookamb and reproducing the original ambient file on the standard output.

The -h option causes lookamb not to print out the header information on the output, or not to expect it on the input with the -r option.

If no file is given, lookamb reads from the standard input.


Before release 2.2 of Radiance, ambient files were in a machine-dependent format. Since that is no longer the case, ambient files can now be moved freely between machines without any conversions. Thus, the only reason to use lookamb now is to examine the contents of an ambient file.


Greg Ward