lqr_carver_attach(3) attach an LqrCarver to another LqrCarver


#include <lqr.h>

LqrRetVal lqr_carver_attach(LqrCarver* carver, LqrCarver* aux);


The function lqr_carver_attach is used to attach an LqrCarver object (pointed to by aux) to another one (pointed to by carver). This will have the effect that each operation performed over the carver object will be reflected on aux (they will share the same visibility map).

This function must not be used after a visibility map was loaded into the base object (the one pointed to by carver).

The object pointed to by aux must have the same original size as the base object. Note that the original size information is reset whenever a flattening operation occurs, or the rescaling direction changes, so that this function should be called befor rescaling occurs.

There is no limitation on the number of LqrCarver objects which is possible to attach. Nesting is also possible. It is irrelevant if the aux carver is initialised or not; from the moment of attachment, it will passively undergo all transformations performed over carver.


The return value follows the Liquid Rescale library signalling system. LQR_ERROR is returned if the sizes of carver and aux don't match.


Copyright © 2007-2009 Carlo Baldassi