lqr_carver_set_resize_order(3) set LqrCarver object resize order


#include <lqr.h>

void lqr_carver_set_resize_order(LqrCarver* carver, LqrResizeOrder resize_order);


When the function lqr_carver_resize(3) is invoked and both the horizontal and vertical sizes are different from the current ones, the rescaling occurs first in one direction and then in the other.

The function lqr_carver_set_resize_order can be used to set which direction to rescale first for the LqrCarver object pointed to by carver. The parameter resize_order can take either the value LQR_RES_ORDER_HOR (horizontal rescale first) or LQR_RES_ORDER_VERT (vertical rescale first). By default, when an LqrCarver object is created, the value is set to LQR_RES_ORDER_HOR


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