lqr_progress_set_end(3) execude custom code after each rescaling operation


#include <lqr.h>

LqrRetVal lqr_progress_set_end(LqrProgress* p, LqrProgressFuncEnd end_func);


The function lqr_progress_set_end sets the hook end_func to the LqrProgress object pointed to by p.

The function end_func is of type LqrProgressFuncEnd, whose prototype is defined by:

typedef LqrRetVal (*LqrProgressFuncEnd) (const gchar* end_message);

Each time that the function lqr_carver_resize(3) performs a rescale operation (recall that it can perform more than one rescale operation at each call) this function will be called at the end, with a string argument passed through the parameter end_message, which is different for horizontal and vertical rescalings.

The message arguments can be set with the functions lqr_progress_set_end_width_message(3) and lqr_progress_set_end_height_message(3).


The return value follows the Liquid Rescale library signalling system.


Copyright © 2007-2009 Carlo Baldassi