lqr_vmap_load(3) load an LqrVMap object into an LqrCarver object


#include <lqr.h>

LqrRetVal lqr_vmap_load(LqrCarver* carver, LqrVMap* vmap);


The function lqr_vmap_load loads the visibility map contained in the LqrVMap object pointed to by vmap in the LqrCarver object pointed to by carver.

It can only be called over uninitialised carver objects, therefore care must be taken not to exceed the loaded map depth when resizing (see the LqrVMap objects format description in the page for lqr_vmap_new(3)).

The return value follows the Liquid Rescale library signalling system.


Copyright © 2007-2009 Carlo Baldassi