lr_spoold(1) daemon, invoking lr_spool for all services periodically




lr_spoold is typically invoked from a init script after booting the system.

It should be started as

 lr_run lr_spoold

under the Lire useraccount. This is used to keep an online responder running. See the ``Responder Installation'' section in the ``Installing Lire'' chapter of the Lire User Manual for details.

lr_spoold invokes lr_check_service(1) to get a list of services, which are used as addresses for an online responder. For each address $service in this list, it runs

  lr_spool $spooldir lr_processmail $service

periodically. $spooldir gets constructed using profile_lean and the address.

Typically, spooldir is a Maildir's `new' subdirectory, like e.g.



In effect, we make it possible to invoke lr_processmail with the right arguments for each message, so that logfiles in the messages get processed by the right 2dlf convertor.


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