lspnp(8) list Plug and Play BIOS device nodes and resources


lspnp [-b] [-v[v]] [device ...]


This utility presents a formatted interpretation of the contents of the /sys/bus/pnp/devices or /proc/bus/pnp tree. The default output is a list of Plug and Play device node names, product identifiers, and descriptions. Verbose output (-v) includes resource allocations (IO ports, memory, interrupts, and DMA channels) for each device. Very verbose output (-vv) includes lists of possible resources, various configuration flags, and product identifiers for compatible devices.

The output can be limited to one or more specific device nodes by specifying their node names on the command line. By default, current (dynamic) device configuration information is displayed; with the -b option, the boot (static) configuration is shown.


Boot mode: read device resource information that will be used at next boot (as opposed to current resource info). This is supported only on kernels that provide the old /proc/bus/pnp interface.
Selects more verbose output. Can be used more than once.


A database of known Plug and Play device ID's.
The kernel interface for Plug and Play BIOS device services.
The old kernel interface for Plug and Play BIOS device services.


David Hinds - [email protected]
Bjorn Helgaas - [email protected]