ltpcounter(1) LTP reception test program


ltpcounter client_ID [max_nbr_of_bytes]


ltpcounter uses LTP to receive service data units flagged with client service number client_ID from a remote ltpdriver client service process. When the total number of bytes of client service data it has received exceeds max_nbr_of_bytes, it terminates and prints reception and cancellation statistics. If max_nbr_of_bytes is omitted, the default limit is 2 billion bytes.

While receiving data, ltpcounter prints a 'v' character every 5 seconds to indicate that it is still alive.


ltpcounter has terminated. Any problems encountered during operation will be noted in the ion.log log file.
ltpcounter was unable to start, because it could not attach to the LTP protocol on the local node or could not open access to client service clientId.

In the former case, run ltpadmin to start LTP and try again.

In the latter case, some other client service task has already opened access to client service clientId. If no such task is currently running (e.g., it crashed while holding the client service open), use ltpadmin to stop and restart the LTP protocol.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


Diagnostic messages produced by ltpcounter are written to the ION log file ion.log.
ltpcounter can't initialize LTP.
ltpadmin has not yet initialized LTP protocol operations.
ltpcounter can't open client access.
Another task has opened access to service client clientId and has not yet relinquished it.
Can't get LTP notice.
LTP system error. Check for earlier diagnostic messages describing the cause of the error; correct problem and rerun.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>