lua-uri-urn-oid(3) OID URN support for Lua URI library


The class "uri.urn.oid" is used for URNs with the NID 'oid', that is, URIs which begin "urn:oid:". It inherits from the uri.urn class.

The URI is considered invalid if its NSS doesn't consist only of non-negative integers separated by full stop characters. Numbers with leading zeroes are not allowed (although the number '0' on its own is). There must be at least one number.

There is no normalization performed beyound that performed by the "uri.urn" class.


All the methods defined in lua-uri(3) and lua-uri-urn(3) as supported, as well as the following:
Get or set the OID as an array of Lua number values.

If a new value is provided then it must be a table containing an array of at least one number. All the values in the table must be non-negative numbers. Non-integer numbers are rounded down to an integer value. Strings containing only decimal digits are also allowed.

    local uri = assert(URI:new("urn:oid:1.0.23"))
    local nums = uri:oid_numbers()
    for i, v in ipairs(nums) do print(i, v) end
    uri:oid_numbers({ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 })
    print(uri)  -- urn:oid:


This implements the 'oid' NID defined in ``RFC 3061''.