Lucy::Object::Err(3) Exception.


use Scalar::Util qw( blessed );
my $bg_merger;
while (1) {
$bg_merger = eval {
Lucy::Index::BackgroundMerger->new( index => $index );
last if $bg_merger;
if ( blessed($@) and $@->isa("Lucy::Store::LockErr") ) {
warn "Retrying...\n";
else {
# Re-throw.
die "Failed to open BackgroundMerger: $@";


Most of the time when Lucy encounters an error, it tries to raise a Lucy::Object::Err exception with an error message and context information.

At present, it is only safe to catch exceptions which are specifically documented as catchable; most times when an Err is raised, Lucy leaks memory.

The Err module also provides access to a per-thread Err shared variable via set_error() and get_error(). It may be used to store an Err object temporarily, so that calling code may choose how to handle a particular error condition.


Lucy::Object::Err isa Lucy::Object::Obj.