Lucy::Plan::FieldType(3) Define a field's behavior.


my @sortable;
for my $field ( @{ $schema->all_fields } ) {
my $type = $schema->fetch_type($field);
next unless $type->sortable;
push @sortable, $field;


FieldType is an abstract class defining a set of traits and behaviors which may be associated with one or more field names.

Properties which are common to all field types include "boost", "indexed", "stored", "sortable", "binary", and "similarity".

The "boost" property is a floating point scoring multiplier which defaults to 1.0. Values greater than 1.0 cause the field to contribute more to a document's score, lower values, less.

The "indexed" property indicates whether the field should be indexed (so that it can be searched).

The "stored" property indicates whether to store the raw field value, so that it can be retrieved when a document turns up in a search.

The "sortable" property indicates whether search results should be sortable based on the contents of the field.

The "binary" property indicates whether the field contains binary or text data. Unlike most other properties, "binary" is not settable.

The "similarity" property is a Similarity object which defines matching and scoring behavior for the field. It is required if the field is "indexed".



Accessor for "boost".


Accessor for "indexed".


Accessor for "stored".


Accessor for "sortable".


Indicate whether the field contains binary data.


Lucy::Plan::FieldType isa Lucy::Object::Obj.