ludevít(1) converter from standard Slovak into L. Stúr version


ludevít [options][file]


This manual page documents the ludevít command.

ludevít converts text from standard Slovak into the verion designed by L. Stúr.



Show help and exit.


Normalize the output text to NFKD unicode normalization


Normalize the letters d and t with caron to NFKD unicode normalization, keep the rest in NFKC.


Use ENC as input/output encoding. While you can use any encoding supported by python, probably only one of utf-8, iso8859_2, cp1250, cp852 or mac_latin2 makes sense.


Instead of standard output, write the translated text to the FILE


ludevít acts as a filter, reading by default UTF-8 encoded text from the standard input and writing UTF-8 encoded text to the standard output. Alternatively, if a file name is given as an argumet, ludevít will translate this file (in UTF-8 encoding).


Due to technical restrictions, the program is actually installed under the name ludevit.


Radovan Garabík <garabik @>