lurker-regenerate(1) imports messages into the archive


lurker-regenerate [<bin-dir>] [<config-file>]


lurker-regenerate regenerates a lurker database. It generates a new database first, then replaces the old one with the new one. You will need enough diskspace for a full copy of the database that you want to regenerate. The two arguments are optional.

Regenerating the lurker database is the only way to recover disk space from deleted emails. If you delete an entire mailing list, you should regenerate the database.

Be aware of the fact that lurker-regenerate supports only databases from lurker >= 0.6. If you want to regenerate databases from earlier versions of lurker, you'll need to rm -rf the whole database and reimport it manually.


The directory containing lurker-{index,list,params,prune}. This defaults to where 'make install' placed them.
The config-file for which lurker-regenerate rebuilds the database.


Copyright (C) 2003-2006: Jonas Meurer <[email protected]>

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