lvrename(8) rename a logical volume


lvrename [-A|--autobackup {y|n}] [--commandprofile ProfileName] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] [-t|--test] [-v|--verbose] [--version] [-f|--force] [--noudevsync] {OldLogicalVolume{Name|Path} NewLogicalVolume{Name|Path} | VolumeGroupName OldLogicalVolumeName NewLogicalVolumeName}


lvrename renames an existing logical volume or an existing historical logical volume from OldLogicalVolume{Name|Path} to NewLogicalVolume{Name|Path}.


See lvm(8) for common options.
Disable udev synchronisation. The process will not wait for notification from udev. It will continue irrespective of any possible udev processing in the background. You should only use this if udev is not running or has rules that ignore the devices LVM2 creates.


To rename lvold in volume group vg02 to lvnew:

lvrename /dev/vg02/lvold vg02/lvnew

An alternate syntax to rename this logical volume is:

lvrename vg02 lvold lvnew