LWP::UserAgent::Role::CHICaching::SimpleMungeResponse(3) A role to manipulate the response when caching


See LWP::UserAgent::Role::CHICaching.


When caching, it is sometimes useful to change the response, in particular the body in some way for caching. In some cases, you might not want to store the entire body, but compress it in some way, or store the data in a different data structure than the serialized version shared over the network.

The methods here are used to first manipulate the response before it is sent to the cache, and then a cached response before it is returned to the client.


"cache_set($response, $expires_in)"
A method that takes the HTTP::Response from the client and an expires time in seconds and set the actual cache. This role's implementation stores the response as it is.
A method that takes the cached entry as an argument, and will return a HTTP::Response to return to the client. This implementation returns the response directly from the cache.


The standard has a "no-transform" directive that is relevant to this, since roles such as this can be used to transform the response. This needs to be dealt with.


Kjetil Kjernsmo <[email protected]>.


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