lxc-freeze(1) freeze all the container's processes


lxc-freeze {-n name}


lxc-freeze freezes all the processes running inside the container. The processes will be blocked until they are explicitly thawed by the lxc-unfreeze command. This command is useful for batch managers to schedule a group of processes.


These options are common to most of lxc commands.
-?, -h, --help
Print a longer usage message than normal.
Give the usage message
-q, --quiet
mute on
-P, --lxcpath=PATH
Use an alternate container path. The default is /var/lib/lxc.
-o, --logfile=FILE
Output to an alternate log FILE. The default is no log.
-l, --logpriority=LEVEL
Set log priority to LEVEL. The default log priority is ERROR. Possible values are : FATAL, CRIT, WARN, ERROR, NOTICE, INFO, DEBUG.

Note that this option is setting the priority of the events log in the alternate log file. It do not have effect on the ERROR events log on stderr.

-n, --name=NAME
Use container identifier NAME. The container identifier format is an alphanumeric string.
Show the version number.


The container was not found
The specified container was not created before with the lxc-create command.


Daniel Lezcano <[email protected]>