lxc-restart(1) restart a container from a file (not implemented yet)


lxc-restart [-f config_file][-s KEY=VAL] --statefile=FILE --statefd=FD --name=NAME


lxc-restart is a command to restart an application from the state read in the specified FILE, in a container with the identifier NAME. If the option --pause is specified, the application will be stopped after the restart just before resuming execution. The command lxc-unfreeze will be needed to resume its execution.


-S, --statefile=FILE
read the state of the container in this FILE. This option is exclusive with --statefd below.
-d, --statefd=FD
read the state of the container in this FD file descriptor. This option is exclusive with above --statefile.
Pause container processes after restart. The container will be stopped until you resume it with the lxc-unfreeze command.
-f, --rcfile=config_file
Specify the configuration file to configure the virtualization and isolation functionalities for the container. This parameter should be specified if it was specified for the lxc-execute or lxc-start commands or if the container configuration has to be changed at restart. The latter may fail if the needed resources are not available for the restart. If the container was created and configured with lxc-create, this option is not needed, the configuration will be automatically found.
Assign value VAL to configuration variable KEY. This overrides any assignment done in config_file.


These options are common to most of lxc commands.

-?, -h, --help
Print a longer usage message than normal.
Give the usage message
-q, --quiet
mute on
-o, --logfile=FILE
Output to an alternate log FILE. The default is no log.
-l, --logpriority=LEVEL
Set log priority to LEVEL. The default log priority is ERROR. Possible values are : FATAL, CRIT, WARN, ERROR, NOTICE, INFO, DEBUG.

Note that this option is setting the priority of the events log in the alternate log file. It do not have effect on the ERROR events log on stderr.

-n, --name=NAME
Use container identifier NAME. The container identifier format is an alphanumeric string.


To start a new container 123 computing decimals of pi

      lxc-execute -n 123 -- pi1 -d 500000
      lxc-execute --name=123 -- pi1 -d 500000

to checkpoint the same container in dump-death mode

      lxc-checkpoint -n 123 -S /share/123/chkpt1 -k
      lxc-checkpoint --name=123 --statefile=/share/123/chkpt1 -k

and to restart the same container with a different id

      lxc-restart -n 200 -S /share/123/chkpt1
      lxc-restart --name=200 --statefile=/share/123/chkpt1


Actually, this command does not operate. Its description helps to define a CLI api for future Checkpoint / Restart solution


Daniel Lezcano <[email protected]>