lxqt-config(1) LXQt Settings Center for all related modules and applications




This application its a settings center of all environment related applications, and all config software instaled and registered by the LXQt desktop environment.

LXQt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt technologies, ships several core desktop components, all of which are optional:

 * Panel
 * Desktop
 * Application launcher
 * Settings center (this)
 * Session handler
 * Polkit handler
 * SSH password access
 * Display manager handler

These components perform similar actions to those available in other desktop environments, and their names are self-descriptive. They are usually not launched by hand but automatically, when choosing a LXQt session in the Display Manager.

LXQt Settings Center related applications

LXQt has various config applications:

 * Mouse settings: (lxqt-config-mouse)
 * Desktop settings: (lxqt-config-desktop)
 * Appereance settings: (lxqt-config-appearance)
 * Session settings: (lxqt-config-session)
 * Notification settings: (lxqt-config-notificationd)

All of this also can be find in Settings or Preferences menu, please consult the respective manpages.


Report bugs to https://github.com/lxde/lxqt/issues


This manual page was created by PICCORO Lenz McKAY <[email protected]> for LXQt project and VENENUX GNU/Linux but can be used by others.