Lynkeos(1) application dedicated to the processing of astronomical (mainly planetary) images taken with a webcam through a telescope.



This manual page describe succintly the aims of the Lynkeos application.

How does it work?
By stacking the best images, the signal to noise ratio is increased and details lost in the noise of individual images become visible in the resulting image.

This software accepts movie sequences or still images, in any image format supported by GNUstep or Ffmpeg library, as input It generates a 16 bits RGB TIFF image as output, to be further processed with some all-purpose image processing application.

The steps to process a collection of images are :

    * collect the movies and/or pictures,
    * collect calibration (dark and flat fields) movies and/or pictures (optional),
    * align the images,
    * select the best images,
    * stack the selected ones,
    * process the resulting image. 


All configuration are made through the GNUstep ability.


Lynkeos was written by LAMIAUD Jean-Etienne <[email protected]>.
The GNU/Linux port is made by JALADY Christophe <[email protected]>.