macs2_refinepeak(1) Model-based Analysis for ChIP-Sequencing


usage: macs2 refinepeak [-h] -b BEDFILE -i IFILE [IFILE ...]
[-c CUTOFF] [-w WINDOWSIZE] [--verbose VERBOSE] [--outdir OUTDIR] (-o OFILE | --o-prefix OPREFIX)

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
Candidate peak file in BED format. REQUIRED.
-i IFILE [IFILE ...], --ifile IFILE [IFILE ...]
ChIP-seq alignment file. If multiple files are given as '-t A B C', then they will all be read and combined. Note that pair-end data is not supposed to work with this command. REQUIRED.
Format of tag file, "AUTO", "BED" or "ELAND" or "ELANDMULTI" or "ELANDEXPORT" or "SAM" or "BAM" or "BOWTIE". The default AUTO option will let 'macs2 refinepeak' decide which format the file is. Please check the definition in README file if you choose ELAND/ELANDMULTI/ELANDEXPORT/SAM/BAM/BOWTIE. DEFAULT: "AUTO"
-c CUTOFF, --cutoff CUTOFF
Cutoff DEFAULT: 5
Scan window size on both side of the summit (default: 100bp)
--verbose VERBOSE
Set verbose level. 0: only show critical message, 1: show additional warning message, 2: show process information, 3: show debug messages. If you want to know where are the duplicate reads, use 3. DEFAULT:2
--outdir OUTDIR
If specified all output files will be written to that directory. Default: the current working directory
-o OFILE, --ofile OFILE
Output file name. Mutually exclusive with --o-prefix.
--o-prefix OPREFIX
Output file prefix. Mutually exclusive with -o/--ofile.