MagnifyTool(3) tool for magnifying a portion of the GraphicView


#include <Unidraw/Tools/magnify.h>


MagnifyTool lets the user magnify a portion a viewer's contents. The user sweeps out a rectangular area with the MagnifyTool, and the viewer will magnify the area to occupy the entire screen, if possible.


MagnifyTool(ControlInfo* = nil)
Instantiate a MagnifyTool.
virtual Manipulator* CreateManipulator(
Viewer*, Event&, Transformer*
virtual void InterpretManipulator(Manipulator*)
CreateManipulator generates a DragManip with a RubberRect to provide visual feedback for specifying the rectangular area to be magnified. InterpretManipulator does not create a command; rather, it examines the DragManipulator's RubberRect and calls Magnify on the viewer with the RubberRect's final coordinates.