Mail::Milter::Wrapper::RejectMsgEditor(3) milter wrapper to edit rejection messages


use Mail::Milter::Wrapper::RejectMsgEditor;
my $milter = ...;
my $wrapper = new Mail::Milter::Wrapper::RejectMsgEditor($milter, \&sub);
my $wrapper2 = &RejectMsgEditor($milter, \&sub); # convenience


Mail::Milter::Wrapper::RejectMsgEditor is a convenience milter wrapper which allows editing of the messages returned for all SMFIS_REJECT rejections. The subroutine provided should edit $_ and need not return any value.

If the contained milter did not call "$ctx-"setreply()> before returning a rejection code, then a default message will be used.

For example:

    my $wrapped_milter = &RejectMsgEditor($milter, sub {
        s,$, - Please e-mail postmaster\ for assistance.,


Todd Vierling, <[email protected]> <[email protected]>