make-plots(1) Plots histograms in FLAT format


make-plots [options] file.dat [file2.dat ...]


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
max number of threads to be used [8]
Use Palatino as font (default).
Use Computer Modern as font.
Use Times as font.
Use Adobe Minion Pro as font. Note: You need to set TEXMFHOME first.
Create PostScript output (default).
Create PDF output.
Create Encapsulated PostScript output.
Create PNG output.
Create PS and PNG output.
Create PDF and PNG output.
Create EPS and PNG output.
Create TeX/LaTeX output.
Keep temporary directory and print its filename.
Plot full y range in LogY plots.
Plot config file to be used. Overrides internal config blocks.
-v, --verbose
print debug (very verbose) messages
-q, --quiet
be very quiet


This manual page was written by Lifeng Sun <[email protected]> for the Debian system (but may be used by others).