make-sqldeveloper-package(1) Oracle SQL Developer Debian package builder


make-sqldeveloper-package [options] <file>


make-sqldeveloper-package is a utility that builds a Debian package for Oracle SQL Developer.

The Oracle SQL Developer program is governed by the copyright holder (Oracle USA, Inc.), so you may be limited as to what you can do with the resulting package (i.e. no redistribution, etc). This utility will simply help you create the Debian package, it is your responsibility to use the resulting package acordingly with the OTN license, a copy of which is included in the created package, that you must agree on when downloading the source.

This utility will require you to download the "Oracle SQL Developer for other platforms" archive from <> to create the Debian package from.


-b|--build-dir <dir>
base directory to build package (autogenerated)
-e|--email <email>
local maintainer email (use DEBEMAIL or auto-generate)
install the generated package - needs root privilege (no)
keep the build directory (no)
-l|--revision <number>
local revision to append to package version (1)
-m|--maintainer <name>
local maintainer name (use DEBFULLNAME or leave empty)
-r|--root-command <command>
command to gain root privilege for package build (fakeroot)
-u|--upstream-version <version>
force the upstream version (autodetected)
display the help screen
show the program version

the "Oracle SQL Developer for other platforms" archive from <>


make-sqldeveloper-package was written by Lazarus Long <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Lazarus Long <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).