make combined logfile from SQL database

SYNOPSIS <days> <virtual host>


This perl script extracts the httpd access data from a MySQL database and formats it properly for parsing by 3rd-party log analysis tools.

The script is intended to be run out by cron. Its commandline arguments tell it how many days' worth of access records to extract, and which virtual_host you are interested in (because many people log several virthosts to one MySQL db.) This permits you to run it daily, weekly, every 9 days -- whatever you decide.


By "days" I mean "chunks of 24 hours prior to the moment this script is run." So if you run it at 4:34 p.m. on the 12th, it will go back through 4:34 p.m. on the 11th.


Because GET and POST are not discriminated in the MySQL log, we'll just assume that all requests are GETs. This should have negligible effect on any analysis software. This could be remedied IF you stored the full HTTP request in your database instead of just the URI, but that's going to cost you a LOT of space really quickly...

Because this is somewhat of a quick hack it doesn't do the most robust error checking in the world. Run it by hand to confirm your usage before putting it in crontab.


Edward Rudd <[email protected]>


Michael A. Toth <[email protected]> - based on comments of script


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