make_driver_db_cups(1) create a printer database from ppd files


make_driver_db_cups [db_directory] [output_filename]


make_driver_db_cups creates a printer database from PPD files. PPD files (Postscript Printer Description files) describe a specific printer. Nowadays they are also used for non-Postscript printers.

make_driver_db_cups prints all printer descriptions found in a given directory and all its subdirectories to stdout. The first line gives the number of all found printers. Every printer description block consists of the items FILE, MANUFACTURER, MODELNAME, MODEL and DESCRIPTION. The block is followed by the current block number.

If an output file is given make_driver_db_cups suppresses all numbers.

The PPD files may be gzip compressed.



directory with ppd files
write printer database into this file


KDE printer database
(if $KDEHOME is not set ~/.kde is used)


The KDE project

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